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Senior Advocacy/Caregiver Support

It is scary when loved ones can no longer take care of themselves. Being a caregiver is isolating and the current healthcare system is overwhelming. You are not alone. I have been there and can help you.

I watched my father-in-law spend the last years of his life in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. I watched my mother-in-law spend the last years of her life with 24 hour in-home caregivers while suffering from dementia. I watch out for my father, who lives in a skilled nursing facility after muscular dystrophy and a stroke robbed him of almost all the activities of daily life. Our loved ones deserve so much better than what the current system provides.

I can help caregivers understand the confusing and complicated paperwork that they are often asked to sign with little to no explanation. I can help caregivers at admission screenings, care conferences, and discharge meetings. Let me advocate for your loved one with doctors, nurses, social workers, facility administrators, insurance carriers, and public aid entities. I can also work behind the scenes, if you prefer.

I have years of experience dealing with the broken healthcare system. Don’t trust that the system or the individuals running it are looking out for you or your loved one’s best interests. Hire your own advocate.


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